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Kayak and OC-1 Reservations

Prior to proceeding with your reservation, please note the following terms and conditions. By proceeding with a reservation, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you are booking with a gift card or voucher, you MUST email info@dragonboatbc.ca instead. You cannot book through this site. Credits and vouchers will not be retroactively applied. If you require assistance with a large booking or future dates, please contact us.

Please note that we currently are offering kayak rentals to those with prior experience by appointment only during the off-season; please email info@dragonboatbc.ca for assistance at least 24-28 hours prior to your requested time. Passholders can continue to book their slots throughout our off-season regularly through this system here.

Terms and conditions

Please scroll to read the terms and conditions, then check the box below to indicate your acceptance.

COVID-19 Measures

Our operations have been adjusted; please note the following points. Full details at dragonboatbc.ca/covid19.

  • Paddlers are not allowed entry if they are:
    • feeling ill
    • have had close contact to a COVID positive case in the past 5 days
    • have been out of Canada and are required to quarantine
    • have tested positive for COVID in the last 14 days, are under self isolation orders, or are waiting for COVID test results.
  • If you have made a reservation and feel sick, have become a confirmed COVID-19 contact, or otherwise fall into one of the above categories please contact us immediately.
  • Masks covering your nose and mouth are highly recommended when lining up to enter the docks and while on the docks. They are not required while on the water.
  • Bookings are 5 minutes shorter than the booked time to allow for boat turnover.

Prior Experience

  • If you are looking to learn to paddle, please visit dragonzone.ca/kayak or dragonzone.ca/outrigger for info on our Intro to Kayak or OC-1 programs. By proceeding with a reservation, you are indicating that you have prior experience with the boat you are booking. Clients using an OC-1 must also have previously completed an OC-1 orientation and huli drill with the Club or a recognized third-party.

What to Bring

  • Warm weather: shorts and t-shirt if hot, hat/cap, sunscreen OR colder weather: long sleeved shirts/shell pants/water resistant jackets
  • Shoes you don't mind getting wet or flip flops
  • Filled water bottle, and hand sanitizer/wipes if desired (hand sanitizer will be available on the docks)
  • Please do not bring any bags or personal effects, as we do not have storage. If you take your belongings with you in the boat, they may get wet or lost in the water. We recommend leaving valuables at home.

Getting Here, Getting Ready, and Checking In

  • Our facility is on the docks outside of Creekside Community Centre, 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver, at the foot of Ontario Street just south of Science World. If you are taking transit, Main Street Science World is the nearest stop. Visit translink.ca to plan your trip. There is pay parking under the Community Centre and neighbouring buildings.
  • Creekside Community Centre has washrooms available during their hours of operation. Showers and lockers are unavailable. Please plan accordingly.
  • Please help speed up your check in by pre-completing your waivers. Youth aged 18 or under need to have a parent/guardian sign their waiver.  Visit dragonzone.ca/downloads to get your waiver.
  • Check in ~5-10 minutes ahead of your booked time at the dock's West ramp in front of the community centre. 

General Rules and Procedure

  • You must follow rules or procedures as posted or explained to you by our staff including not going into off-limit areas, not going beyond Burrard Street Bridge, proper conduct while on the water, and safety rules.
  • Participants who are not passholders may be required to provide valid photo ID and a credit card to be held as a deposit while you are on the water. Passholders may be required to present ID to verify their identity at check in.
  • Kayak paddlers aged 6-12 must be in a tandem with their parent/guardian. Youth 12-18 are allowed out if accompanied on the water with their parent/guardian in the same or separate boat. Youth and/or novice OC-1 paddlers must be accompanied by an experienced adult OC-1 paddler in a Club boat, or given clear and written approval to go out solo by the Club.
  • Paddling under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly banned. Any breach of this rule will lead to an automatic and permanent ban from our facility.
  • Part of your reservation time may be used for a safety and boat orientation delivered by our staff. Late returns are subject to penalties (2X the regular rental rate in 1 hour increments during our operating hours, 4X the regular rental rate in 1 hour increments if past our operating hours plus additional penalties as determined by staff).
  • All paddlers must wear an approved PFD at all times; you cannot take off your PFD at any time while on the water. You will be given a brief boat familiarization before you depart.
  • You must follow other rules or procedures as posted or explained to you by staff including not going into off-limit areas, not going beyond Burrard Street Bridge, proper conduct while on the water, and safety rules.
  • It is highly recommended that you bring your cell phone with you in case of an emergency.

Prohibited Activities

  • Feeding or provoking wildlife;
  • trespassing on private property, docking at other locations, or beaching a boat;
  • going into out of bounds areas, or going beyond Burrard Street Bridge at any time;
  • littering;
  • intentional capsizing or swamping; or
  • paddling while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other substances that can impair judgement.

Refunds and Transfers

  • Refund requests are subject to a 25% fee if requested at least 7 days prior to your original session date. No refunds are issued after this time.
  • Special events are subject to the special event terms and conditions provided to you in your correspondence. This generally is a 50% non-refundable deposit on boat use, and full non-refundable payments on special requests. 
  • Sessions may be rescheduled within the same rental season (ending September 30) if requested at least 24 hours before your session. No credits will be offered if your request is received after this time.
  • Registration transfers/name changes are permitted at any time. The reservation holder is required to contact us ahead of time to request the change.
  • If you arrive late, we will try and provide you with your originally booked session length at our discretion. We cannot guarantee originally booked session lengths if you arrive late, depending on availability, closures, or restrictions. No refunds/credits are provided due to late arrival, refusal to follow facility rules, fewer boats required, no-shows, or leaving after checking in.
  • We reserve the right to end or cancel your session for any reason including safety reasons, disruptive/inappropriate conduct, or failing to follow our rules and policies without refund or credit.
  • We reserve the right to postpone or reschedule dates. If your date is postponed or rescheduled, you may select the postponed date, or choose to transfer to any other date for the same program in the same season (ending September 30).

Your booking

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x Single Kayak - $25.00/hour
x Tandem Kayak - $50.00/hour

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